Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rico Rico, Honolulu, Hawaii

Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken at its best. This small restaurant on King Street is a delight for true chicken lovers. The chicken was perfectly prepared and served in quarter, half and whole chicken meals. One real delight is the cole slaw that is served with the chicken. I'm not eating rice at the moment, but the brown rice is probably nice too. The coleslaw is not sweet, and goes perfectly with the chicken. It's a very nice combination. The first time I ate here I saw a small  container with the meal that I thought was mustard so I skipped it. Big mistake. Today I tried the little yellow pepper and mayo container and it's a very nice spicy blend that really sets off the chicken. Nicely done.

Dining is both indoors at tables and outdoors at a covered picnic table area. Free lemon water goes amazingly well with the meal. Most of all, the people there are so nice. They actually made me feel at home, a very nice surprise indeed. I've eaten here twice now. It won't be my last time.