Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jus' Pound, Keaau, HI

It is difficult to take over a restaurant space where Verna's dominated for 25 years. The small shopping center across from Keaau Elementary is getting a much needed facelift. It's good news for the new restaurant, Jus' Pound, which opened 3 months ago. Lela and Val were charming and the food was fresh and delicious. It's the only place in Hilo to get a smoothie, and the best local food for miles. The food was plentiful, priced right and served with a smile. You have to try the fried Twinkie! It's deep fried cake with a cream filling. Not for anyone on the Atkin's Diet, that's for sure. Nice to have a new place to eat, and the outdoor tables are a plus on a nice day.