Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hawaii Style Cafe, Hilo, HI

I was excited when Hawaii Style Cafe opened their second location in Hilo this week. We have been anticipating it for months after learning that the wildly popular Hawaii Style Cafe of Waimea would open in Hilo. It's located in the new shopping area between Manono Street and Hinano Street, just makai of Kekuanauoa Street (Near Big Island Candies). Foodies will be happy to know that this is also where the popular Japanese restaurant, Miyo's has opened. But, that's for another post.

I've been twice this week, once for lunch and once for breakfast. The saimin with New York steak was excellent, and the veggie burger and fries were nice. It's hard to make a veggie burger nice, but the wonderful ciabatta bread bun made it nice. Today, I had the traditional egg breakfast with pancakes just to see if it was the same as Waimea, and it was. The pancakes are enough to feed a family and have some left over for the family pet. But, even as big as they are you want to keep eating because they are delicious.

The new buildings are Hilo metal shed tacky, but the inside is well-appointed. You can see how they've tried to bring some of the look and feel of their other restaurant to the Hilo location, but this is new, fresh, spacious, and by the way, busy for now. Expect a wait. This is always true of new restaurant openings in Hilo. But, success here is pretty much guaranteed. It's in a great location, particularly for college and university students. The prices are good. All in all, now the best breakfast restaurant in Hilo by far.

Congratulations on the opening and thanks for bringing good food to Hilo. My only suggestion is that closing at 2 and opening at 5 might meet the needs of your Waimea location, but I think demand will push you to stay open all day.

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