Sunday, August 12, 2012

Village Burger, Waimea, HI

Before I get into telling you about Village Burger, let me digress a moment to explain something I've wondered about. One of the northern towns on the Big Island of Hawaii is called Waimea (meaning: red water), but the post office, and various signs and businesses call it Kamuela (meaning: Samuel after Samuel Parker). When eating at Village Burger I asked about this confusing name and was told that there was so many towns in Hawaii called Waimea that they named the post office Kamuela, but that locals (and apparently the highway department) calls it Waimea.

So, in the large shopping center you'll find Village Burger, the best on the island, probably best in the state, and perhaps one of the best in the World. These aren't just burgers, they are true works of art, starting with the finest meats (or vegetables) money can buy. The featured burger is made from a Big Island variety of Kobe beef. It's almost too tender. I like my burgers with a bit of a bite to them, but, honestly, a true eating orgasm. They have lamb burgers, vegetarian mushroom burgers and taro burgers, among other styles of straight beef burger.

The wasabi french fries are a nice touch, and the service is amazingly friendly and fun. I like to go into the food court and get a smoothie from the Dairy Queen as a very nice addition to the meal. By the way, Dairy Queen's new fruit smoothies, particularly the ones made with Splenda (if you go for that kind of thing) are very nice.

We plan our trips around the island in such a way that we can stop and get burgers here. You should too.

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