Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Best Food of East Hawaii 2012

Rather than simply disagree with other best of lists, I thought I would publish my own. I am going to expand my list to all of East Hawaii, from Waimea to Volcano. That way I can include restaurants I feel are of note. I want to say that I have not eaten in every single restaurant but almost. I am going to also mention a runner-up in some cases:

Best Restaurant
Merriman's, Waimea
Kaleo's Bar & Grill, Pahoa, runner up

Best Burger
Village Burger, Waimea
Cronies, runner up

Best Mexican Food
Lucy's Taqueria
Luquin's, runner up

Best Fish
Seaside Restaurant

Best Steak
Kilauea Lodge, runner up

Best Pizza
Pizza Hawaii & Deli

Best Thai Food
Ning's, Pahoa
Thai Thai, Volcano, runner up

Best Breakfast
Hawaii Style Cafe, Waimea

Best Family Restaurant
Cafe Pesto

Best Vegetarian Food
Puka Puka Kitchen

Best Smoothie
Short N Sweet Bakery & Cafe

Best Sushi
Ocean Sushi
Miyo's, runner up

Best Italian Food
Cafe Concerto
Cafe Pesto

Best Value
Hilo Bay Cafe

Best Shave Ice
Wilson's by the Bay

Best Chinese
Sky Garden Restaurant (Imiloa Astronomy Center)

Best Local Food
101 Cafe, runner up

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