Monday, July 16, 2012

Thai Thai Restaurant, Volcano, Hawaii

I really like this restaurant. I consider it the second best Thai restaurant in East Hawaii. The Thai food here is really tasty, particularly good is the pad thai. I have eaten through some of the menu and have enjoyed all the Thai dishes I've eaten here.

Having said that, yesterday I was just not in the mood for Thai food, but my partner was so we went there to eat. I made the distinct mistake of ordering the Teriyaki burger. Bluntly, this is punishment for not ordering Thai food. Don't do it. The burger had no teriyaki sauce, nor was it teriyaki in any form, in fact, it was barely what I would call a burger. There was a patty that rivaled the 99cent patty at McDonalds, and the toppings weren't that great. It was also served on a dry bun with little packets of mustard and ketchup. The frys were tasty. But, for $10, felt like it was more of a tax for not ordering their Thai food. It was so disappointing it made me feel bad about a restaurant that I normally like. So, beware, the burger here is to be avoided.

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