Monday, July 16, 2012

Kilauea Lodge Restaurant, Volcano, HI

This is where I go when I want to feel like I'm in Europe. The atmosphere was once pure hunting lodge, and can now best be described as hunting lodge-Hawaiian fusion. The menu is still on the more hunting lodge side. Start with the Hunter's soup with a rabbit base. A dash of salt and pepper and it's perfect. My friend had the mushroom risotto and loved it. I had the meatloaf, which is a 45 minute wait for cooking. I think it should have been more like a 55 minute wait because my meatloaf was underdone. Someone asked me why I would order meatloaf at a nice restaurant like this one and all I could say was that I was in that kind of mood. Every time I come here I am left with the same feeling. This is a good restaurant with good food and great service and interesting atmosphere, but it would take so little to go from being good to great. It's either that local attitude of "this is good enough" that seems to pervade the Big Island restaurant scene, or some reason I'm unaware of. One comment I always make, because we like olive oil with our bread, is that they should invest in a higher quality olive oil. The stuff they serve is certainly not virgin, let alone extra virgin, and has zero flavor. Sad, because the bread is kind of tasteless, and this would add some flavor. My suggestion to take this from good to great is to add some color and zest to the plating skills, and get a recipe for some tasty bread, and invest in some tastier olive oil. The one that is sold locally in markets that has the best flavor is Colavita. I'm sure it's available to restaurants. Overall, I will eat here again and again. I recommend this restaurant, but see if you don't feel the same as I do, good, but could easily be great.

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  1. I disagree with the bread comment it is made in house and is a bit sweet for my taste but definitely not flavorless, definitely the best restaurant in Volcano, but agree its only fits into the good category.