Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hawaii Style Cafe, Kamuela, HI

Along the road to and from Waimea to Kawaihai, you will find a small breakfast-lunch cafe that serves an excellent breakfast and lunch. They are only open part of the day. The restaurant is about 31 years old, and has been under the ownership of the Kao'o family for the last 19 years. We were served by Kim who has been a waitress at the restaurant for all 31 years, and it's obvious that other than the food, she is part of the reason for this restaurant's longevity and success. We really felt welcomed by all the staff, and we were lucky enough to be served by Kim.

Now to the food. Most breakfasts come with a choice of pancakes. This is kind of a joke, because the pancakes themselves are at least two meals for the average person, and very delicious. The hashbrowns are nice and crispy, the way I like them. Eggs are eggs, and the were nicely prepared. The meat. OMG, I ordered the ham steak that was on special, and my friend had the bacon. The ham steak was gigantic and very nicely cooked. It was too big to eat in a single meal and I didn't even have the pancakes. The bacon came with about 10 strips, a huge portion. One of the things I noticed about their meats is that they were not over-seasoned, as breakfast meats often are. I didn't feel like my salt content was over budget. This allowed me to salt the things I wanted salted and leave those I wanted more plain, the way I like them. It was perfect.

One thing you should know, the restaurant only accepts cash, but there is an ATM in the restaurant for your convenience. Also, we have been here on the weekends and lines can be long, so if it's a nice sunny Saturday, expect to wait for a table. We were there on a Tuesday morning and while the place was full we got a booth within minutes. This is a Kohala must-eat restaurant. Kudos to the staff for being awesome.

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