Saturday, June 2, 2012

Manneken pis

OK, it's not a joke. Anyone who has been to the Low Countries knows that this is a chain of french fry restaurants. That's where Thijs decided we were having dinner in Amsterdam. It was not my first choice, but since I ate here I thought I would write about it. For those of you unfamiliar, Belgium is truly the home of the french fry, not France. The restaurant that claims the first french fry is just down the street from a very famous statue, the one of the little boy pissing that we see in every other garden store in the world. The name of the statue is manneken pis, or literally, statue pissing. French fries, or simply fries, here would be more like what people in the United States would call steak fries. They are big and thick fries. At Manneken pis they are served hot and in a cone and smothered on top with one of a dozen sauces, normally mixed with some kind of mayonaise and then topped with chopped onions. A small wooden fork helps you dig those messy things out of the cone. They are actually quite delicious. OK, it wasn't my meal of choice with all that Amsterdam has to offer, but fries it was. I couldn't eat all mine and shared them with a homeless person sitting next to me. I'm sure it wasn't his meal of choice either. But, I'm sure they were good to him as well.

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