Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kea'au Wine Market, Keaau, HI

Sadly, the Kea'au Wine Market is no more.

Here was my review for the sake of history.

Behind many a great meal is the perfect wine. I found this gem of a wine store tucked away in the Kea'au Farmer's Market, diagonal across the street from McDonalds. It's a small store but has a wealth of different wines from around the world, carefully selected by the owner for having something special to offer. Too may times I've been in wine stores that have whatever is trendy, or has the right label. This store has what is wonderful, and you will walk away with more than wine, you will walk away with an education. They make sure you know what you're buying. The great thing is that you get incredible wines and I think almost every wine in the store is under $20 and most around the $13 price point. So, affordable great wines and an education, you can't go wrong. The farmer's market also has a really nice selection of locally grown veggies, and I really like the smoothie place on the end. Go for the wine, take home some veggies to eat with it, and treat yourself to a VERY nice smoothie.

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