Monday, June 4, 2012

India Port Tandoori Restaurant, Utrecht, Netherlands

Along the waterfront of the Oude Gracht in Utrecht  you will find this lovely Indian restaurant. I ate here alone tonight. I started with a nice glass of white wine served with a complimentary plate of papadam, a peppery cracker accompanied by a spicy mint chutney and a tamarind sauce. Both were excellent. I can usually judge an Indian restaurant by its mint chutney alone. So, I knew I was in for good food. Tonight I had the lamb tikka masala served with rice. I also ordered a side of raita, a yoghurt and cucumber dish I really enjoy and to make things special, a peshwari naan, that had every sweet thing such as raisins in it you could think of. All were delicious. I wish the raita had more cucumber. Everything was spiced perfectly and served piping hot. The service was excellent and the restaurant appears to do a brisk business. The building itself is a low arched restaurant built in one of the tiny wharf warehouses along the gracht (canal). This certainly added to the old-world flavor. I thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant.

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