Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holuakoa Gardens & Cafe, Holualoa, HI

Nestled on the volcano above Kailua-Kona, is the small artistic town of Holualoa. The primary industry of this town is art, lined with art galleries from one end to the other. The Holuakoa Gardens & Cafe is a very nice restaurant (and separate coffee shop) in the center of town. Eat in an outdoor environment covered by beautiful trees, a flowing river and pools filled with beautiful fish. The food here is a bit upscale but we gave it an 8 out of 10. The fresh squeezed lime aid was very delicious and refreshing. We ate from the brunch menu, which had a wide variety of dishes. I at the huevos rancheros, which was not exactly traditional, with a flour tortilla served on the side, black beans, eggs of course, and country potatoes. Huge portion. I couldn't finish it all. It was tasty. My friend had the polenta and vegetarian lasagna, and said it was good. Also, he ate about half and brought the rest home. You should definitely check out Holualoa for the many art galleries and when you're there this is the place to eat. Oh, and check out the big pink hotel. Go in, and ask to go to the bathroom. You are sent down a precarious path to a bathroom cantilevered out over a cliff with the most breathtaking view of Kona ever. So whether you need to go or not, bring a camera and take a photo out the window!

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