Monday, May 21, 2012

Restaurante Marrakech, Granada, Spain

We have headed south from Madrid and we are now in the southern city of Granada. After arriving we walked along the Darro River and decided to eat in a small place along the way. In this Moorish/Spanish city we decided to try Restaurante Marrakech. The food was very good, not write home to momma about, but good. The hummus was nicely prepared and plenty of it. I have had hummus, primarily in the U.S. where it has become heavily spiced. This was just nice plain old hummus. The Arabic bread was very delicious, which made everything else seem fantastic. We had an Arabic salad, which was chopped salad in a nice lemon vinaigrette. The falafel was nice, topped with a nice yoghurt sauce. This place, like many here in the city, has a very nice variety of Moorish and English teas. I would give this place high marks. Good service, conveniently located, great value and good food. 

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