Thursday, May 17, 2012

La Casa de los Garcia -Serrano

Tonight was a special dining night, the kind of night you can't get in a restaurant. We are staying in the home of one of Madrid's finest cooks. Tonight's meal began with a lovely gaspacho de tita, a delicious and flavorful gaspacho with all the trimmings. With the bowls cleared and the delicious flavor of the gaspacho still on our tongues we began shelling and eating the gambas blanca de vuelva cocida, a light and tasty shrimp dish. Next came the warm torta del casar extremadura, a soft and strong cheese in a shell. The extreme flavor of this cheese was not for everyone, and luckily we were eating under the Iberian stars, so that the odor was not offensive to others at the table. Served next were the manchego castilla la mancha, an aged and slightly hard manchego that went perfectly with the first class jamon de jabugo vuelva de andalucia, finely stripped aged ham, and the tomato kumoto con ajo y aceite de oliva, a special fuerte tomato mixed with strong garlic and olive oil straight from the family's farm. To fill out the meal there was a delicate tortilla espanola and two types of pan. This could not have been a more perfect meal.

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