Saturday, May 5, 2012

Casa de Luna revisited

Here it is, about one month since my last visit and as a bonus it happens to be Cinco de Mayo. Also next week I leave for Spain. So for the next couple of months most of my posts will be about European restaurants. I am blogging from the restaurant so this is real time. The place is packed with a 30 minute wait. I am happy to see its success so far. I ordered a Cadilac margarita $9.90 and the mix was a bit tasteless. But, the drink is plenty strong which may take the edge off the rest of the post. The folks sitting next to me at the bar ordered the nachos. It looks plentiful. They said they liked the tapas. Seated quickly and the server remembered me, a nice touch. They have switched to the full menu now. We ordered the cheese ring again, and the cheese puffs, a quesadilla, gazpacho, carnitas enchiladas and a beef burrito. The cheese puffs were ok, nothing special for a deep-fried food and it's hard to get quesadillas wrong. But then I sent the gaspacho back. Not only was it the worst gazpacho but possibly the worst soup I have ever tasted. The enchiladas were shredded beef not carnitas or if it was carnitas it tasted like shredded beef. I don't know which is worse. The enchilada sauce wasn't. It was spicy tomato sauce with zero Mexican spices. The beef burrito came nicely presented. It should have stayed that way. It was tasteless and pasty. It actually tasted like children's non-toxic paste. The Mexican rice..., ok I don't know how you can make rice more tasteless than plain rice, but somehow they managed to make it less flavorful than plain white rice. Beans yuck. The salsa improved a bit.  I'm now home and had to eat something to get the taste out of my mouth. This was undoubtedly the worst meal I have ever had in a restaurant, of any kind, anywhere. The meal came to $70 with two drinks, two appetizers, and a burrito and an enchilada plate. Way over-priced even if it happened to taste good, which it didn't. This was a 'sinko' de mayo experience for me. I won't be back until they get someone else to prepare the food. Oh, and we stopped at the store on the way home and the checker heard us talking about the restaurant and she said her friends told her the food was tasteless and expensive, so it's not just me. I want to like the food. I want to say nice things. Sorry, just can't here.

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  1. I heard from soneone today that Casa de Luna may have a new chef and that they are working very hard on their food quality. I may give it another try.