Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cafe de Oriente

The Cafe de Oriente sits in the fabulous Plaza de Oriente nestled between the Madrid Opera and the Palacio Real, a truly incredible park with statues and trees, grass and people. This is a perfect place to relax in the afternoon. This was not really a dining spot for us, but we decided to have a snack an a beer. Of course, I ordered the gaspacho and my friends both had Spanish Tortilla, (Omelette).  The gaspacho was fantastic, as were the tortillas. The Heineken, well was cold and delicious. I highly recommend this as a place to stop in the afternoon for a snack. The menu was large and varied but we focused on the snacks. One thing, as we were leaving, my friend, a Madrid native, said the restaurant was very expensive and we paid for the location. For me, coming from Hawaii, the prices seemed fine. The beers were 4.95 Euro each.

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