Monday, April 9, 2012

Tina's Gourmet Garden Cafe

I ate at Tina's in Hilo last night. I had eaten there nearly a year ago and had the hot pot menu, served Thursday through Sunday and obviously was not in a rush to get back. But last night we had their standard menu, which is Thai-ish, without being a typical Thai restaurant. I had the hearts of palm salad and it was filled with so many exciting and unusual things I think I would go back just for that! I had the specialty "pizza" which is really a crepe, filled with yummy fish. They should call them crepes not pizzas and I think more people would order them. I don't really like pineapple cooked with anything, so the flavor for me was a bit "off" but that's my personal taste concerning cooked pineapple. I had a smoothie too which had some very nice mint and other flavors added that really made it stand out as a refreshing difference from all the other local fruit smoothies. I thought the meal was a bit overpriced. They don't serve alcohol so the $65 with tip was a bit much for a shared appetizer salad, two entrees and two smoothies. We didn't even order the most expensive things on the menu. Sometimes you pay for ambiance but remember this is a hole in the wall along the Bayfront, so ambiance is not something you'd either expect or get in this case. So if you really need a change in your flavors to awaken your mouth, and value is not a consideration, I would highly recommend eating here. A light meal on a budget could be a shared salad and two smoothies. Enjoy!

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