Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lucy's Taqueria, Hilo, HI

Lucy's Taqueria in Hilo gets it right. It's not perfect, but very few restaurants get everything right all the time. Yesterday I ate there for lunch and shared the carnitas plate and the carne asada plate with a friend. Of course I had the wonderful horchata to drink. No one in Hawaii does carnitas better than Lucy's. No one else seems to get it. Perhaps they have never been to Mexico, or even California. By the way, the best carnitas I've ever had was at a small carnitas restaurant in Tijuana. I've had the burritos, and the tacos (a tiny bit small for my taste), and a few other menu choices. Where Lucy's falls down is in salsa. Their salsas are just not that good. A nice salsa fresca is in order here. Along with salsa, a reasonable pico de gallo with my carnitas and carne asada plates would have been nice. Tasteless chopped tomato and the salsa bar onion and cilantro didn't quite meet the demand for good pico de gallo.

The music is always too loud. So, if you're going for a relaxing experience, and you don't happen to be deaf, this might really start to bother you. The music also tends to be what I will call cowboy aggressive salsa. If you're not drunk and dancing on the table this kind of music is just annoying. Speaking of drunk, Lucy's has a full bar. This can come in handy, as the wait can sometimes be quite long. Since it's opening, it remains quite full and popular. I like the food here. I will continue to eat here regularly. It's better than other options. Will I hope for more? Of course. Will I get it? Probably not. Will that stop me from eating here. Never.

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