Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casa de Luna, Hilo, Hawaii

I thought I would start a personal blog about my restaurant experiences rather than simply posting them on TripAdvisor.

Tonight we ate at the newly opened Casa de Luna, on the corner of Mamo St and Keawe St. Hilo, HI. It claims to be a Spanish and Mexican food restaurant. The appetizers (antejitos) were all Tapas and the entrees were all Mexican, so the mix was a bit strange. They are just getting going and willing to listen to feedback. So, I will hold off on any negatives about the food since they are just ramping up to the official opening. I will say that the place has a nice decor and open air, which in Hilo is unheard of. The service was excellent, the prices reasonable, and there is a full bar. The place was full when we arrived but we were seated in a short amount of time. It's nicely located, nicely appointed, and the owners seem to have a great attitude. So, I give this place high marks for the first week, and predict long-term success for the business. We will definitely be back.

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